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Accounting & Outsourcing Services

Accounting and Outsourcing Services

What do we offer ?
With the assistance of our versed experts in the accounting field, with their diversified experience in multiple industries, you would get a profound understanding of your business's financial position.

We will assign a dedicated team to help your business by delivering timely reports, identifying potential opportunities or threats that might boost or cripple your growth, and ensure your business complies with all legislation and regulations, as well as managing payrolls. You will be able to focus on your core business operations, while we take care of your finances.

- Bookkeep services.
- Management and Account reports.
- Payroll Management.
- Financial reporting according to GAAP & IFRS.
- Tax preparation and filing.

Our Services

1. Outsourcing Bookkeeping

Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt is committed to helping decision-makers and founders build their businesses rather than wasting their efforts recording transactions and following up with payments.

- Stability in the Service: Our bookkeeping and accounting services ensure maintaining up-to-date books and support insightful business decision-making through customizable reports. All our bookkeeping experts use the latest technologies to ensure the accurate delivery of reports in addition to the stability and the consistency of the service without the hassle of employee turnovers.

- Reduce overhead cost: Our team is constantly updated with global regulations to ensure all processes are compliant with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). We provide that your business obtain world-class experience in bookkeeping services without the need to endure the added cost of hiring in-house human capital. This will help you devote all your efforts and resources to building your core business.

- Optimize resources: Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt industry experienced bookkeeping experts will help your business bookkeeping and double enter accounting without the added cost of obtaining accounting and bookkeeping software, networks or data storage. This will help you minimize the costs of digital accounting licenses fees.

- Cloud-based services accessibility: We provide our bookkeeping services remotely through state-of-the-art cloud bookkeeping solutions. This allows us to communicate and exchange data and insights with our clients anywhere at any time, no matter where they are. However, we can also provide bookkeeping experts to work with your team onsite when required.

- Flexibility: Our bookkeeping services help you gain enough flexibility in operating your business without the restrictions of a specific location. Working remotely is the new normal and ensures you get premium services remotely.

- Control: Our cloud services will ensure you will always maintain complete control over your data. This will help mitigate the risks of a data breach, fraud, and compromising confidential information.

- Cost-Efficient.
- Skilled experience.
- Consistency in performance.
- Focus on core business.
- Mitigate fraud risks.
- Freedom in mobility.
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2. Payroll Accounting and Management

(a) Payroll Accounting

It refers to the process of calculating, managing, and analyzing all funds (expenses) paid for the employees for their labor/effort or as an obligatory right agreed on in the legal requirement.

Compensation forms vary, including salary, overtime, wages, incentives, Medicare. In addition, its payroll accounting function is to reconcile benefits and withhold taxes related to compensation.

Our services include:

- Calculating the earnings of employees, the related taxes, and other deductions.
- Recording the result of payroll activities.
- Preparing required tax returns.

(b) Payroll management

Our team of payroll management experts at Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt will guarantee that all employees' financial data are recorded and updated regularly.

Our services will help you track employees' financial records like loans and social insurance payments and ensure that employees meet their legal requirements on time.

- Recording and maintaining employee’s financial information.
- Compliance with employment laws.
Why should you consider Accounting & Outsourcing services for your business?

As one of the leading accounting firms in Egypt in the last 35 years, we have worked with different clients in different industries of various sizes, and we have witnessed the growing need for accounting and outsourcing services. Few reasons to help you consider accounting and outsourcing services:

- Cost-saving accounting services: eliminating the time, cost and efforts needed to hire suitable candidates and ensuring your business receives quality services with reasonable fees.
- Automating your accounting process: we implement the latest software and technologies in accounting to ensure smooth, error-free and compliant reports.
- Reducing Fraud Risk: managing all your accounting processes through one accountant can be overwhelming and put your business at fraud risk, rather than giving it to the professionals.
- Financial Advisory: hiring an accounting firm means your business will get more than accounting and outsourcing services. You will receive the experience and knowledge of seasoned experts.

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