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Audit and Assurance Services

Audit and Assurance Services

What do we offer ?
As one of the leading audit firms in Egypt, we firmly believe that the role of auditing and assurance services is constantly evolving and is a cornerstone to the growth of the business. At Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt we understand the critical role of the external auditor to the business compliances, investments and growth.

We help our clients navigate uncertainty, helping them maintain their success and resilience amid global changes. We facilitate regulations complexity and ensure businesses compliance.


- External Audits.
- Advisory services.
- Limited Reviews.
- Special audit services.
- Statutory audit.
- Agreed upon procedures.

Our Services

1. Audit and Assurance Services

Our auditing and assurance services help clients showcase their reliable financial data to investors and shareholders, supporting their expansion and growth, in addition to keeping a transparent and accountable relationship with the investors and regulators.

All of our services are built on our values; we provide quality and trustworthy audits of our clients’ financial statements; business operations reports and practices. We give advice to our clients to help them secure their growth and business sustainability with efficient financial operations and business transactions.

We consider ourselves a business partner to our clients, ensuring we are always available and responsive when needed to help decision-makers make well-informed decisions.

We help our clients unlock new horizons of potentials by presenting them with a wide array of tailored, reliable, high-quality, relevant and actionable insights and information that help them explore their opportunities and their threats and maintain an efficient working practice that is both compliant and efficient to the business.

We believe that the role of auditing firms goes beyond financial information and providing audit and assurance services. Our assurance services help decision-makers and managers in risk assessment, business performance, information systems reliability, e-commerce, and more by improving the quality of the information, and providing a better context for decision-makers. We are fully confident in the belief that the core of our business is helping our clients reduce risks and make well-informed decisions.

At Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt, we rely on blending technology in auditing tools with our global experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable audits.

2. Limited Review Services

At Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt, we offer a wide range of CPA auditing and assurance services to cater to the different requirements of our clients in term of sectors, nationalities or the legal forms.

A review service consists primarily of inquiries of an entity’s management and comparative analyses of financial information. The scope of this service is significantly less than that of an audit or examination.

Limited reviews are usually of a narrower scope. Our financial advisory team can perform a comprehensive audit of specific financial statements queried by clients and present findings. If results showed inconsistency or some variance in the data, then our team may need to perform a more in-depth investigation to unveil more information.

Limited reviews do not require our teams to assess your company's internal controls, testing accounting records or physically inspect assets, so it is an excellent option to get an overview without the cost, effort and time needed for audits.

Our global network experts ensure that our clients understand the difference between limited reviews and audits to help them make the decision that provides them with the utmost benefit.
3. Agreed Upon Services

Agreed upon procedures are even more specific than audits and reviews, where companies can hire auditing firms to look into and perform specific procedures on particular elements of the financial statements.

The procedures must be adequately detailed and clear to avoid ambiguity in findings. The involved parties should discuss and agree in advance so that the factual findings are helpful. They should also agree on who will have access to the summary of findings, as this will only be shared with the involved stakeholders.

For this type of service, auditing firms usually provide their summary of findings purely with information; the report does not include any opinion or recommendation.

Agreed upon procedures are commonly used in mergers and acquisitions, grants and due diligence.
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