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Business Restructuring and Insolvency

Business Restructuring and Insolvency Services

What do we offer ?
In today’s fast-changing economy, many businesses are forced to make drastic changes in their companies that may lead to bankruptcy. To mitigate the risks and maintain your business, our team of experts at Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt will help you implement a radical turnaround strategy to your business structure. If your business needs voluntary arrangement or financial restructuring, a professional insolvency and restructuring consultant with a vast knowledge of restructuring and insolvency accounting will help your business pay off debt and maintain a positive cash flow. It can also help you avoid such an experience in the first place and steer away from hardships and drag your business to a safe shore.

Our Services

1. Business Restructuring

Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt restructuring services support underperforming companies in making smart decisions in a crisis, and where the corporate boards see a need. We will help your business remain resilient and maintain positive cash flow through a strategic recovery plan tailored to your issues. Our turnaround strategy will also help you optimize your operations and maximize your profitability.
2. Insolvency Services

Global financial crises have forced many companies into a position of instability and deterioration, which has led to formal insolvency procedures. Our team at Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt understands the sensitivity and significance of such a situation. Our insolvency services experts are skilled in supporting businesses to overcome such hurdles with minimum impact for the company and the stakeholders.

Our insolvency services incorporate working with third parties such as bankers, lawyers and judicial authorities to facilitate the process. We integrate with other teams at Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt in tax, audits and restructuring to provide more guidance and support for our clients.

- Financial restructuring.
- Crisis management.
- Debt and Creditors advisory.
- Insolvency and Bankruptcy.
- Cash Flow Management.
- Operational restructure.

Our team of experts and consultants provide ongoing support and advice to our clients; we consider ourselves their advisors and business partner, who offers assurance, reliable data and insights that facilitate informed decision making.
How to determine if your business needs Restructuring Services?

- If your business suffers due to economic, political or global crises like Covid-19, you are looking to reduce cost and maintain business sustainability.

- If your business is in the process of preparation for business exits in buyouts or IPOs.

- If the management is looking for new ways to improve business performance by adding new technologies or changing the operational cycle.

- To decrease debts and operational costs and protect shareholders' wealth.

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