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Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

What do we offer ?
Since Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt is one of the oldest accounting firms in Egypt, our consultants have gathered and shared values, experience and knowledge in different areas of corporate finance, financial advisory services, auditing services and more. Our team provides comprehensive financial plans to clients and offers insights and recommendations on improving profitability and protecting shareholder's wealth.

Our Services

1. Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies service is essential to test the viability of any project, in specific major projects that require significant investment. It provides recommendations on whether a project is worth the investment or not to help businesses mitigate losses by providing data and information about the expected opportunities and risks.

Feasibility studies involve the assessment of marketing and technical studies and the project's financial feasibility.

Feasibility studies involve recommending capital structure and developing the financing plan for the project by measuring the project's sensitivity against the future economic variables.

Our financial advisors analyze all the project's factors, including the current economic state, the technology, marketing assessment, the legal constraints and most importantly, assess the project cost and its return on investment to determine if the project will drive enough revenues.

Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt offers its clients an objective professional evaluation for all their upcoming projects, whether adding new products/services, expanding their business to new territories or supporting entrepreneurs embarking on a new business.
2. Corporate Finance

Our financial consultants provide corporate finance services that help companies improve their internal financial efficiency, reduce costs, optimize their resources, and maximize profits.

Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt has financial advisory experts who provide stakeholders with actionable insights regarding the financial implications of every project.

Our range of services include:

- Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): The vastly experienced team will provide support throughout the process of acquiring/selling a business or a business division. We provide support on acquisition planning, valuation analysis, due diligence, strategy, and negotiations.

- Capital financing for businesses: Our team supports businesses in raising funds according to their unique needs and requirements, whether in debt securities in capital markets or through stocks or equity investors.

- Valuations: We provide accurate and independent valuations to businesses for strategic and operational decisions. We perform an in-depth analysis of the market, assets, capital structure and company's management. We also perform tax valuations and the investment portfolio.

- Capital markets (IPO): Our team of financial experts supports your business on its journey to scale by supporting the company in preparation for going public. We ensure that your business complies with all the local regulatory requirements; we also perform a thorough risk assessment and maintain investor relations.

- Divestiture: We ensure that our clients are able to minimize business losses by implementing an evaluation of the divestiture risks that supports the business long-term growth.

Our financial advisory services ensure maximizing the value of our client's business with minimum risks.
3. Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is crucial in building a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with the public, investors, shareholders, and regulators.

Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt Corporate Governance experts provide a wide array of services that help maintain compliance with regulations and internal control requirements. Maintaining good corporate governance is also a key driver for investments as it ensures investors the safety of their investments.

Our services include:

- Establishing a corporate governance framework that covers shareholders rights protection, equitable treatment for all shareholders, and transparency of the disclosure of financial information situation and performance.

- Setting regulations for internal control, ensuring business compliance and monitoring their effectiveness.

- Providing independent external auditors.

- Structuring senior management, evaluating existing managers, board of directors, and identifying job descriptions.

- Documentation of the corporate governance procedures to ensure standardization in all the fundamental controls and internal processes.

- Advisory services for transparency of information disclosure.

Our team can perform a complete assessment of the corporate governance system; provide recommendations for improvement and implementation plans. Reviewing the internal control system, developing business conducts, creating organizational guidelines and ensuring compliance with local regulations.
Why Does Your Business Need a Financial Advisor?

Financial advisory consultants support companies to identify new growth opportunities, remove inefficiency and develop new strategies based on actionable insights.

- Working with professional financial advisors enables managers and executives to focus on the core business operations.

- Financial advisory firms usually cover a wide array of services with experts in taxes, asset management, restructuring audits and more. Hence, they can develop a comprehensive financial plan to boost the profitability of the business.

- Maintaining transparency with the public, investors, and regulators by providing audits and evaluations of the board performance and governance structure.

- Financial consultants have vast experience working on different feasibility studies for various industries. Their analysis helps managers and business owners validate the project viability and facilitate investing opportunities.

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