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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

What do we offer ?
In an increasingly complex business world, companies are growing and expanding to new territories every day. Finding the proper support to protect your business is the key to exponential growth. Our team at Ahmed Mamdouh & Co. Kreston Egypt have in-depth knowledge of the regulations in Egypt and are fully equipped to help you set up your business and protect your intellectual property.

Our Services

1. Incorporation Services

Entrepreneurs often find it challenging when it comes to choosing the legal entity for their business. Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt incorporation consultants works with clients to identify the proper legal form for their business as per their growth plans, and vision.

Our team of experts covers the incorporation services that are necessary for your business:
- Facilitating ownership transfer.

- Raising capital through stock.

- Regulating tax rates and most importantly, protecting the owner's assets against the company's liabilities.

- Regulating business documents and legalities to help with venture capital and banks which provide services and loans to incorporated businesses.

- Drawing on our vast international and local experience in incorporation services, Kreston has the expertise to support your business with compliant legal procedures and documentation for any country’s requirements.

2. Corporate maintenance

Setting up the business and incorporating it is not the most challenging part; maintaining the business and ensuring all legal compliance is fulfilled continuously is challenging. It is imperative to comply with the corporate legal requirements in the country of your business operation, with the filing of annual reports, payment of the necessary fees, and Foreign Direct Investment report filing to avoid legal penalties due to breaches of governmental regulations.

Here is where our corporate maintenance services can make a difference. Our team of experts will ensure all your internal records are updated regularly, including all the essential figures and data like corporate dividend payments, transferring shares or issuing new ones, and shareholders returns.

Our team will ensure all the needed documents and paperwork are always prepared and filed with government authorities. We will help you keep track of essential documents and legalisation like:

- Assembly General Meeting (AGM) minutes.
- Identifying and distributing profits.
- Articles of association updates.
- FDI filing (Foreign Direct Investment).
- Board of Directors’ minutes.
- Annual shareholder's meetings.
- Update of commercial registries.
- Stock registration and central depository system.
- Notice of change for officers and legal names.
- Stock transfer ledger.

Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt corporate maintenance services will help you maintain a "Good Standing" status, ensuring your business is in compliance with all legal requirements locally in Egypt and your global branches.
3. Trademarks and copyrights

Ahmed Mamdouh and Co. Kreston Egypt trademarks and copyright services are committed to protecting your most valuable assets, your brand and intellectual property. Our team will help you perform a trademark search to avoid conflict with existing brands existing brands, register your trademark nationally and regionally and maintain it. Our copyright service will ensure that all your original brand identity and innovation work is well protected against copyright infringement.

Kreston Global team has significant experience in helping clients register their trade their copyrights nationally and regionally. Our team also advises the clients on the proper type of registration for their intellectual assets. Our services include:

- Patent services.
- Copyright registration.
- Trademark services.
- Copyright infringement and litigation.
- Trademark maintenance.

Protecting your intellectual properties is critical to safeguard your business against competition infringement violations.
Why work with corporate services providers?

While some companies may choose to handle their legal work personally, these tasks are challenging, time-consuming, and require expert support to ensure legal compliance.

This could distract the company from its core business functions, so here are few reasons why you should work with corporate services providers:

- Compliance knowledge: It is always better to have an expert team with deep knowledge of the legal landscape to help your business.

- Time saving: Working with corporate service providers will help you have more time to focus on core business areas.

- Error-free process: Working with experts will ensure error-free delivery of tasks.

- Committing to legal deadlines: Professional corporate service providers will ensure deadlines are met on time and the proper documentation is submitted.

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